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德国沃尔: La Historia
In 1991-ya installed in Paris when the idea of the plastic Interaction finished being born after the positioning of the picture of 50 m2 Him Miroir Int廨ieur, one telephone call in Valencia (in one of my many trips from return to house); of Maurice old Peutat friend of my father who did not see 30 ago years surprised us all. As hotel manager were in a fair in Madrid and Rodolfo Navarro decided to investigate the whereabouts of that called friend. After spending an pleasant weekend in house, teaching my study, to tell a pile to him of things and to retake old forgotten ways we met in Luxembourg where it resided. Months later and again in Paris I was with him to make a exhibition in its hotel Follmillen of Luxembourg. Having supper in one of the select restaurants that directed presented/displayed to a friend his call Horst Michalzick, journalist of a German city: Wolfsburg. In that supper and between my French translated to the German by Maurice and the English whom it pronounced with Gallic accent a project was born that would culminate 6 years later. When telling me the existence of the Museum of Art Modern Sloss and of the patio that it contained, I began to relate my project to him of Plastic Interaction and as Museum could be placed in this Castle/. The supper continued rich in explanations and attempts to transmit so complex idea to which as soon as my knew work. We separated with the certainty to send to him to dossier with photographies of my works so that it made them arrive at the Museum. The relation of Maurice with my father in valence - while I resided in Paris and Melun (to the outskirts) - was growing, after 30 years without the single news it entered our lives without hardly giving account us and with the power of a high executive who mounted hotels of luxury by Europe. It undertook the project of the construction of a great hotel in Valencia, where we saw all a little implied he made trips to Valencia more and more and I saw it in Luxembourg or Germany. Soon we were for, leaving from Luxembourg, to arrive at Wolfsburg near Berlin, and to be able to transmit my idea to the director of the Schloss Museum of happiness city. I left there with the head giving returned before the impressive exhibition halls where they were proposing to me to put my pictures. After that improvised interview and given back to my study in Melun it prepares my first one to dossier explanatory of which it would be the picture of the transfiguraci鏮, sketches, watercolors, drawings, planes and calculations. The idea they liked and the project was approved. Despite of there until being able to make they spent it several years. Wolfsburg became a well-known city although it only had been a morning and almost all along put in an office, I knew to traverse Horst Michalzick who the crisis of the automobile to principle of the ninety and plus the one of the Wolsvagen company it repelled in all the scopes of the city that lived on that mini city of 8 km square able to generate three thousand cars daily. Every year they returned to approve the project and every year they delayed it the following year. From Paris the faxes and the telephone sounded from time to time in English or German, but soon I went away being used to to that sensation having a great project in hand that it would never get to be made. Five years happened, five years of pictures, engravings and sculptures until in February of 1996 they proposed to me to make an in center Cultural exhibition of Melun: two 400 rooms of m2 with an enormous acristalado hall in center. delay of Wolfsburg made ask to me if it has not left the one Germany so that not to do it here, for this exhibition. A stroll by the Palais of Fontainebleau solved the problem. Enamored with their stairs and after speaking with Monsieur Colette Conservateur in Chef du Palais dates and other details were decided. The Plastic Interaction of the Palace of Fontainebleau I am made in June of 1996, in November with the photography of the set under the arm I appeared in the office of the director of cultural subjects of the city of Wolfsburg Daniela Gunter, memory as Horst - to weighing to know it it was well worried about unexpected about the my trip and insecurity of the result, but with a project as the one of Fontainebleau already made Daniela included/understood what could be in the Schloss and it was approved immediately with date 22 of March of 1997 for his accomplishment during two months and in August for the inauguration. The person was peculiar that who offered me the first contact from similar project was Maurice and who, after appearing unexpectedly after 30 years of a slight friendship with my parents, returned to disappear completely when, when having to come with a strong sum of money to construct hotel in Valencia disappeared in the air. We never returned that is to say from him. During the months of stay in Wolfsburg I arrived that is to say that followed looked for by Interpol but, Horst - his faithful friend never said to me nothing else.

View of first floor corner
View of first floor corner
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