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EFE AGENCY 15/12/2006

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A Spanish artist will expose his work of thousand square meters in the Great Wall Agency EFE Friday, 15 of December 2006 The Valencian artist Rodolfo Navarro “will paper” more than thousand square meters of the Great Chinese Wall with a work that Integra the monumental space with the contemporary painting, today explained to Efe in Beijing the artist. The work, that will be exposed in June of 2007, “tries to demonstrate to the Chinese public that there are other ways to understand a picture and a monument”, indicated Navarrese, that already experience in this type of “plastic interactions” has, with exhibitions in Valencia, France and Germany. The idea arose two years ago, thanks to the collaboration of the artist with Chinese architect Hou Qingyun, who has devised the system with which the work will be exposed on the Wall, although it is protected by a special law from month principles to limit the cultural or commercial activities that there are in her. A pair of trips has been enough to look for the ideal place for the work, the Passage of Ju Yongguan, to the northwest of Beijing, and to make the contacts necessary to obtain the permission of the authorities. The Capital Media Corporation is the company of the Beijing Music Festival, and that has been in charge to promote the event in China and to obtain all the necessary permissions, looks for at the moment patrocinadores Chinese and Spanish that helps to finance the sample. RODOLFO NAVARRO has, in addition, with the support of the Valencian Government and the Valencian Institute of the Export (Ivex), who have supported institutional and economically this adventure, remembered the artist. The work, in Navarrese which already it has begun to work, is made in acrylic painting on paper, and will be protected, during the night and in case of rain, by plastic facilities that will be qualified for it. “I have chosen the wall reason why it means, a passage from a part to another one, not a border but a control”, explained the artist, who considers that the most famous Chinese monument reflects the sense of its work well, titled “Inner… External”. “He is outer because it is outdoors, but is inner also because you must cross the Wall to see it, in addition it will be located inside in one of his closed enclosures”, indicated. For Navarrese, outer the inner concept/“it is possible also to be extrapolated to the personal plane, since the outside of a figure is figurative, but the interior abstract”, as it shows his work most of, very is influenced by the transformation of the figurative image in more conceptual. The work will be compound of four main pictures of nine meters squares, and of work multitude smaller than will be exposed in the low part of the Wall, to the height of the eyes. In addition, a colorful edge of form geometric will frame all the composition, “that it tries to make a plastic interaction with the landscape”, explained the artist. Navarrese it will present/display the work the week that comes in the city of Hangzhou, in the suroriental province of Zhejiang, where the students of the school of arts of the metropolis will help the Valencian to paint more than thousand square meters of paper. The artist wanted to make clear that with the work “a single brick of the Wall is not touched nor”, and that the Chinese authorities responsible for the conservation of the monument, which also they went upon presentment in Beijing, “want to promote this work as positive model of how there is to interact with the Wall ".

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